Presentation sessions

Almost all oral presentations are made available online in pdf format. By clicking on the title below the Author(s), you will be able to download the corresponding presentation.

The presentation sessions were subdivided into four topics:

  1. Ecology of heathlands;
  2. Historical aspects of heathland ecology and management;
  3. Restoration management in heathlands;
    Large-scaled ecological restoration of heathlands.

Besides oral presentation sessions, a poster presentation session was held at Monday after lunch with posters handling a broader scope of heathland ecology and/or management.

Monday aug 21

Opening session | 9:00 - 9:20

Welcome by the chair of the European Heathlands Network

Welcome by the organizing committee

Session 1 | Ecology of heathlands | 9:20 - 12:30


Keynote lectue 1: Leonor Calvo, Javier Calvo, Angela Taboada, Jose Manuel Fernández Guisuraga & Elena Marcos

Heathlands in the Cantabrian mountain range: structural and functional singularities

Oral presentations


Anita Diaz, Franklin L, Brown M, Harvey A, Bailey L & Rickard K.            

Causes and consequences of differential attack by Heather beetle Lochmaea suturalis at a landscape scale


Jaime Fagúndez

Biotic and abiotic factors that shape the Erica mackayana wet heathlands in Galicia, NW Spain


Coffee Break


Knud Erik Nielsen, Amaia Irizar, Lars Peter Nielsen, Søren M. Kristiansen, Christian Damgaard, Martin Holmstrup, Asger R. Petersen & Morten Strandberg

In situ pH measurements reveal extremely low pH in heathland soil – does nature (and science) ignore a tipping point?


Jenny Schellenberg

North German Lowland heath: vegetation structures and dynamics


Chris Dictus      

“De Maten” - A unique heathland gem in a densely populated country


Andrzej Nienartowicz, Dariusz Kaminski, Mieczyslaw Kunz, Edyta Adamska, Jerzy Holc, Miłosz Deptula, Anna Filbrandt-Czaja, Agnieszka Piernik, Anna Lewandowska-Czarnecka & Silvio Vilgia           

Arctostaphylo-Callunetum R.Tx. et Prsg 1940 in Poland: distribution, variability and active protection

Poster presentation session | 13:30 - 14:50

Poster presentations, including a short oral presentation by the first author of the poster

Posters presentations (in alphabetical order of the first author):

Jaime Fagúndez & Carlos V. Muñoz-Barcia

Historical changes in the Erica mackayana heathland cover in Galicia, NW Spain

Alexander Lovegrove, Anita Diaz, Paul Evans & Adrian Newton

The Ecology of Cranesmoor: Over 50 years of change in a Peatland Environment

Alexander Lovegrove, Phillipa Gillingham, Mark Brisbane, Adrian Newton, John Stewart & Anita Diaz

Heathland management at the local and landscape scale; a SWOT analysis of the perspective of multiple stakeholders

Elena Marcos, Javier Calvo-Fernández, Ángela Taboada, Andreas Fichtner, Werner Härdtle & Leonor Calvo

Resistance of southern montane heathlands to different nitrogen loads

Liv Guri Velle, Kristine Grimsrud, Eystein Jansen, Hanna Lee, Stefan Sobolowski, Endre Tvinnereim & Vigdis Vandvik

Hidden costs of implementing afforestation as a climate mitigation strategy: A comprehensive assessment of direct and indirect impacts

David C. Walmsley, Estève Boutaud, Andreas Koopmann, Dirk Mertens, Jelena Schulze, Andreas Schuldt, Uta Steinhardt, Jana Twarok, Mathias Zimmermann and Werner Härdtle

Securing the Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity of Extensively Managed Cultural Landscapes – The EcoCult Project

Session 2 | Historical aspects of heathland ecology and management | 15:00 - 17:20


Keynote lecture 2A: Theo Spek (CANCELLED)

The cultural biography of heathlands: long-term transformation and regional diversification of society, economy and landscape in the Pleistocene Netherlands (1800 BC – 1900 AD)


Keynote lecture 2B: Vigdis Vandvik

A burning issue: Ecological and evolutionary imprints of climate and land-use in coastal heathlands

Oral presentations


Jan Bastiaens & Erwin Meylemans

LIDAR as a tool for unravelling the (pre)history of former and nowadays heathlands in Flanders (Belgium) and the implications for their management


Annette Rosengaard Holmelund

Revitalizing Øster Lem Heath nearby Ringkøbing Denmark


Martin Woestenburg

The Heathland farm combines nature conservation with food production

Tuesday aug 22

Session 3 | Restoration management in heathlands | 9:00 - 12:30


Keynote lecture 3: Werner Härdtle

Restoration of heathland ecosystems – opportunities and ecological constraints

Oral presentations


Michiel F. WallisDeVries

Contrasting responses of insect communities to grazing intensity in lowland heathlands


Anne Hopf & Gert Rosenthal

Establishment of pioneer trees under grazing and different cutting measures in the Oranienbaumer Heide


Joost Vogels, M.J. Weijters, R. Bobbink, H. Bergsma, H. Siepel, B. Van der Riet & E. Verbaarschot-Bohnen

Restoring depleted soil minerals to stop biodiversity loss in dry heathlands?


Coffee Break


Liv Guri Velle, Siri Haugum, Torgrim Log, Pål Thorvaldse, Gunnar Thuestad & Vigdis Vandvik

New perspectives on heathland management under influence of extreme winter droughts


Isabel Alonso & E. Hewins

Agri-environment scheme impact on improving the condition of lowland heathland in England


Wim Wiersinga

The Dutch OBN program on research and knowledge transfer on heathlands restoration


Marianne van der Veen

The role of provinces in Nature policies in the Netherlands

Thursday aug 24

Session 4 | Large-scaled ecological restoration of heathlands | 8:30 - 12:00


Keynote lecture 4: Van Diggelen, R., Van der Bij, A.U., Aggenbach, C., Frouz, J., Bobbink, R., Weijters, M., Harris, J. & Pawlett, M.

Restoring heathlands from agricultural meadows: possibilities and constraints

Oral presentations


M. J. Weijters, R.Bobbink, R. Van Diggelen, A.U Van Der Bij, J. Frouz, J. Harris & M. Pawlett

Heathland restoration on former agricultural soils: Tackling bottlenecks


H.J.W. Vermeulen, R. van Klink, K. van der Laaken & A. Woldering

The effect of different soil treatments for heathland regeneration on the carabid fauna after topsoil removal


Roos Loeb, Arrie van der Bij, Roland Bobbink, Jan Frouz, Joost Vogels, Petra Benetková & Rudy van Diggelen

Development of dry Nardo-Galion grassland on former agricultural land


Coffee Break


Frederik Naedts

LIFE Visbeek: large scale restoration of a small scale heathland


Chris Panter, Hannah Mossman, Scott Pedley & Paul Dolman

Biodiversity Audit Approach for heathland conservation: impact and future research


Toby Taylor

Opportunities from sand gravel extraction in the UK


Hans Dekker

The role of the province of Drenthe in nature conservation with special reference to heathlands

Friday aug 25

Jan Bastiaens

The soil slider - Technology as a partner in communicating archaeology, soils and heathlands (extra presentation not in program)

Henk Siepel

Concluding remarks on the 15th european heathlands network workshop (slides)

Concluding remarks on the 15th european heathlands network workshop (text)

Jaques de Smidt

35 years of EHW - a photographic overview