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Short programme summary

Sunday Aug 20th | Arrival | Evening excursion

15:00-22:00       Arrival & check in at Van der Valk hotel Molenhoek, near Nijmegen

17:30-18:30       Dinner

19:30-21:00       Evening excursion at Heumense schans heathland area

Monday Aug 21th | Presentations | Conference dinner

7:00-8:00           Breakfast

8:00-9:00           Boarding of bus and travel time between hotel and University

9:00-9:20           Opening by chair and word of welcome by the organization 


9:20-12:30         Oral session 1: Ecology of heathlands

12:30-13:30       Lunch

13:30-14:50       Poster Session

15:00-17:20       Oral session 2: Historical aspects of heathland ecology and


17:20-18:00       Boarding of bus and travel time between University and hotel

19:00-21:00       Conference dinner

Tuesday aug 22nd | Presentations | Excursion | Film evening

7:00-8:00           Breakfast

8:00-9:00           Boarding of bus and travel time between hotel and University

9:00-12:30         Oral session 3: Restoration management in heathlands

12:30-13:30       Bus travel from university to Hatertse vennen

13:30-18:30       Field excursion Hatertse Vennen, including return to Hotel

19:00-20:30       Dinner

20:30-21:30       Film evening: The Hidden World of the Strabrechtse Heide

Wednesday aug 23rd | Excursions | Transfer to Dwingeloo

7:00-8:00           Breakfast

8:00-9:10           Boarding of bus and travel to Hoge Veluwe

9:10-14:00         Field excursion National Park The Hoge Veluwe (including field lunch


14:00-15:30       Bus travel

15:30-17:30       Field excursion Stroothuizen

17:30-19:00       Bus travel to Dwingeloo – Hotel de Borken

19:30-21:00       Dinner

Thursday aug 24th | Presentations | Excursion | Pulsars ‘n Galaxies | Informal evening

7:00-8:30           Breakfast

8:30-12:00         Oral session 4: Large-scaled ecological restoration of heathlands

12:00-13:00       Lunch at Hotel de Borken

13:00-16:30       Field excursion Dwingelderveld | Noordenveld

16:30-17:30       Visit to Dwingeloo Radio Telescope

18:30-20:00       Dinner

20:30-24:00       Informal closure of workshop at Café de bospup

Friday aug 25th | Concluding session | Farewell | Plus programme excursion

7:00-8:20           Breakfast

8:20-10:00         Concluding session

10:30-11:30       Farewell and departure to Meppel railway station of non plus

                          programme participants

11:30-12:30       Lunch at Hotel de Borken

12:30-18:30       Excursion to Bargerveen ombrotrophic bog

Saturday aug 26th | Departure

7:00-9:30            Breakfast and departure to Meppel railway station